Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The past two weekends have been full of friends, sunshine and food! Things I have been enjoying lately:

The morning light in our room.

This delicious Moroccan inspired vegetarian dish for brunch at Kalaset. That and a spicy chai is a nice spin on the usual brunch/breakfast food!

New little succulent plants.

I love avocado everything and we've just started experimenting with them in our smoothies! Love the extra creaminess it adds and the nutritional factors are a big plus.

We finally tried Tapa del Toro, the little tapas restaurant/stand at Torvehallerne, on Sunday. I saw calamari on their menu and I just had to have it! Normally it is packed but we just got there after a rush so we got seats up at the bar. Reminded me of our honeymoon in Spain! Seriously though, really good calamari and the medister dish was delicious!

What are you enjoying these days?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Miss You

My all-time top post here is this one on losing friends while living abroad. So sad right!  There was a positive side to that post though! Maybe this is part two? Who knows but these are my thoughts on friendships lately.

I wanted to say how awesome and truly wonderful it was to see some of my favorite and closest friends from home while we were in Vancouver this Christmas. And honestly, leaving Vancouver this time was way harder than any other time.

Being able to spend time people who have known me for years, having relationships that have not changed, where you can just pick up where you last left off, that was just the best. Truly the best. Friendships where things are so familiar, so comfortable, so at ease and laid back. When there's no need to impress anyone or having to stay on guard a bit. I miss those friendships, big time. And it's not only like this with friends from Vancouver, I feel the same way with my friends in other cities and countries and parts of the world. 

Having lived in Copenhagen for 2+ years now, I have a good little group of girl friends and some friends I met through the husband. It has been so easy to click and connect with my girl friends because we're basically in the same situation (eh-hem married to Danes) but I still find that the relationships I have with some of the husbands friends is not the same as the ones I've had with my friends at home. We all laugh and joke and have a good time but that sense of truly knowing someone isn't always there. It is much harder to get real with people. Maybe it's because I haven't known people for as long, but perhaps people here are more guarded as well. More careful about how much they reveal about themselves. I guess that's the same with me in the same way. There's a lot our friends don't see or realize about my life in Denmark and all of its challenges. I don't know. What have your observations in Denmark or abroad been? 

I have been so lucky to get to see so many of my friends from different parts of my life this year with the wedding and going to Vancouver last month. And writing this post makes me miss people more so I'm just going to wrap it up here! Seriously though, love you guys! 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dinner at Manfreds

There are so many great restaurants in Copenhagen and this weekend we finally made our way to Manfreds on Jægersborggade in Nørrebro. Manfreds is the little brother of Michelin star restaurant Relæ and I have read great things about them, so I was expecting good quality and innovative food in a low-key environment. (Side note, super sorry about these totally low-quality photos! Hope you'll bear with me on this post!)

The husband and I both had the seven course menu and as they described on the menu, the dishes are primarily vegetable based. While we were there, we had one beef dish and one lamb dish, and that was all in terms of meat. One of my highlights from the meal was the amazing onion soup with the poached egg. They compared it to a ramen type of soup and I love ramen so this was a huge hit for me. I also really enjoyed the beet dish with rosehip petals. Who knew beets and roses would go together? This was a lovely flavor combination. Another special treat were the crispy artichokes with egg cream and dehydrated seaweed powder. Crunchy, chewy, and with a little asian twist. For dessert we ordered their almond cake with mascarpone cream and fresh oranges. This tasted like a classic pound cake which I haven't had in years and really reminded me of home. I loved it and am now craving more pound cake! (If you have a recipe, please share!)

Altogether we had a great dinner and enjoyed our experience at Manfreds. It's a great spot if you are looking for a place that carefully sources their food and wine as 90-100% of their ingredients are organic. It was also a refreshing change to have such a veggie dominant meal. We have at least two types of vegetables or greens for dinner each night, but at Manfreds, five out of seven dishes were vegetable based. Price wise, Manfreds is at a slightly lower price point than Höst for example or Geist. However, I found that the dishes at those two places were slightly more exciting. But again, we really enjoyed our dinner and we wanted to reign in our budget for this night out so Manfreds was a perfect spot!

Jægersborggade 40
2200 Copenhagen N

Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Favorite Hot Chocolate Recipe

I love a good cup of hot chocolate. Sometimes for a special treat I will order a hot chocolate while I am out in the city, or I will buy some dark chocolate stir sticks to make a fancier cup of hot chocolate at home. But for the times when I am at home and am really craving a hot chocolate, this is my go-to recipe. I always have these ingredients on hand and it makes a really rich and delicious cup of hot chocolate that is actually not too sweet! (That is adjustable of course!) 

Hot Chocolate (barely adapted from Joy of Baking)
Makes 1 cup

3/4 to 1 cup milk
1 tbsp dutch-processed cocoa powder (I use Valrhona)
1 tbsp sugar (or homemade vanilla sugar)
2 tbsp heavy cream

To garnish:
lightly whipped cream
sprinkle of cinnamon

Pour the milk into a small saucepan or pot and heat it over medium heat until it gets hot. I like to whisk the milk while it is heating so it gets a little frothy.

While the milk is heating, mix the cocoa powder, sugar and cream in a mug to form a paste.

Pour the hot milk over the cocoa mixture and stir until combined and the cocoa mixture has completely dissolved. 

And that's it! Top with some lightly whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon for an extra tasty treat!

A bit of an aside, but I have moved from blogspot to my own domain! I want to write more regularly this year and as a little bit of motivation I've moved to www.medkaerlighilsen.com! Thanks for following along and hanging in there with me! 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Our Wedding: The Photography

I'm back on the wedding posts! It might take me 'til our first anniversary to get all these posts done but thanks for hanging in there with me!

From the get-go, I knew that I was willing to spend a significant amount of money on photography for our wedding. The photos are really some of the only things you'll have to remember your wedding day afterwards so why not invest in it?

Just like wedding dresses, there are so many different photographers and style of photography to choose from. There aren't many photographers that I've come across here in Copenhagen whose style I liked or wanted for my photos. I met Amanda Thomsen a few years ago and have been following her since. I really like the feel of her photos. She has an eye for details and her photos really tell a story. Unfortunately, she wasn't available for our wedding so then I was sort of at a loss. There weren't any other photographers in the city that I really liked, I found one in Stockholm that I did like but her fees were way over our budget.

Fortunately, I have a friend in Vancouver who is a wedding photographer! We invited my friend Josh from Joshes Photography over to Copenhagen to shoot our wedding. I've known Josh for a long time and have had my photos taken by him on a few occasions over the years and it has been so fun to watch his style grow and evolve. I really love his current work, especially with his own personal lifestyle photography. I love the light and softness in his photos and his ability to capture and evoke emotion in them. So we flew Josh over from Vancouver for a week so that he could see a bit of Copenhagen and shoot our wedding and seriously, one of our best decisions! Our families love the photos! I think my in-laws were a little skeptical about spending such a significant amount of money on hiring a photographer, but I think they now understand why! Josh really did an awesome job on our wedding, especially as he was all on his own, without a second shooter or anything! He captured all the right shots, captured everyone's expressions and emotions throughout the day, and he worked all day from morning until past midnight. Seriously, if you want me to get you in touch with him, just let me know! He is willing to travel and he might be in Denmark again sometime late spring!

It was also great having Josh take our photos because the husband had already knew him and that might have helped him relax in front of the camera. We also did a little engagement shoot before the wedding so we also got a little practice there. And Josh also took some really lovely photos of our rehearsal dinner which are so special to have and look back on. Posing for the photos still felt weird at times, especially when you're in it and holding the same gaze or spot, but when you look at the finished photos, they look so natural! Amazing, how do those photographers do it?

Photography is expensive, especially when they come to weddings. But again, work within your budget, know what style you want, and I'm sure you will find someone who will take photos for you that you will love! And I really can't emphasize it enough, invest in a good photographer! These photos will be yours for a long time and you should love them and be happy with them years down the road. That's my biggest piece of wedding advice!

What was your biggest wedding investment? Were you happy with your wedding photos? Did you get a professional photographer? Was it worth it?

P.S. If you are in Copenhagen, my friends Tina and Jack from Stella and Jack Studios are back in town and I would definitely recommend you to check them out if you are looking for photographers as well!

P.P.S. We took our engagement photos out by Refshaleøen and our wedding portraits were taken at Det Biovidenskabelige Fakultets Have in Frederiksberg and at Botanisk Have in Copenhagen.