Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Our Wedding: the Cake(s)

I had big dreams for my wedding cake. It was going to be tiered, we would have different flavors, and obviously I would get it at Strangas, my favorite cake place in the city. Right! Wrong. Reality kicked in and I wrote a bit about it here. As much as I love sweet treats, I just couldn't see us spending so much money on a wedding cake, as delicious as it would have been.

I thought of different options, other wedding cake companies, little cupcake businesses,  making out own cupcakes, but ultimately, we went with buying six different cakes from Andersen Bakery.

I think most people know that when you mention that something is for a wedding, things go up in price. So for us, we went to Andersen Bakery a week before the wedding and ordered one of every flavor of cake they had without mentioning our wedding. We bought a few slices of a few of the cakes to sample before ordering them and they all tasted lovely. We ordered some mousse cakes, some cheesecakes, and a gluten free Gateau Marcel. Andersen's cakes change with the season so it was nice that they used ingredients that were available at that time. We had an elderflower mousse cake which I loved, we also had a cherry cheesecake as well as a mango licorice cake. We cut our cake(s) during the cocktail hour/reception and Olsen +3 took care of setting out all the cakes and cutting and serving it to our guests.

Our cake table was quite simple. We asked my father-in-law to cut some round plates out of some logs that they had up at their summer house to use as cake plates. Like our seating chart, I hand stamped the name of each cake onto a small manila tag and wrote a little description of what the cake was. I also made a very simple cake topper to use on our cutting cake. I bought some pink fimo clay and rolled it out. I cut out three heart shapes with a cookie cutter and baked them. After baking and cooling the little hearts, I hand wrote the first letter or our names onto them with a gold paint pen and glued them onto some white lollipop sticks. And that was it!

We were really happy with the cakes we got for our wedding. People could try different flavors and there was more than enough cake for everyone. The cakes were affordable, they looked pretty, and they tasted great! Maybe if we do a vow renewal 5 or 10 years from now I can get a tiered cake, but for our actual wedding day, the cake table was perfect!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

All my Favorites in Brussels

Seriously, the food in Brussels features everything that I love. Potatoes in different forms, check, seafood, check, and chocolate and pastries, check! Here are some of the things we ate in Brussels and places we would recommend if you ever find yourself there!

1. A little afternoon seafood snack at La Mer du Nord.

2. Belgian fries at Frit Flagey.

3. A Belgian staple, stoemp and sausage, with a modern twist at Madame Chapeau.

4. Of course we had to enjoy some pastries and Pierre Marcolini masters that as well!

5. A trip to Brussels wouldn't be complete with Moules Frites (or bouillabaisse for the husband)! We had dinner at La Boussole and it was the best. Great service, the seafood was fresh and cooked to perfection, and the prices were very reasonable. I loved our dinner there so much I wanted to go back to the same place the next day!

6. A quick coffee and light lunch at Jat. A modern, yet funky and a little retro cafe that was packed when we were there!

7. We had the richest hot chocolates ever at Salon du Chocolat inside Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. Perfect for those who love dark chocolate!

I hope this mini guide will help you the next time you are in Brussels! Happy weekend!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Mini Getaway to Brussels

I was in Brussels for work Thursday and Friday last week and although I was there last November for work, I didn't really get to see any of the city. So when my work event coincided with the weekend, the husband and I took the opportunity to make a little trip out of it! I think people have a love/hate relationship with Brussels. A lot of the people I know come to Brussels for work and literally fly in and then fly out again so the city isn't necessarily associated with fun for them. But then there are those who love Brussels and all it offers...

The husband flew to Brussels on Friday afternoon and we flew home late last night. It was nice to do something different than what we "normally" do on the weekend in Copenhagen. It felt like a mini vacation getting to stay in a hotel, eat out every night, and just wander around with no real schedule or plan.

Brussels is an interesting city not only because of its mix in culture and languages, but also because it is sort of the capital of the European Union. A large part of the city is dominated by the European Parliament and the European Commission, and then another part of the city is very Parisian feeling with beautiful old buildings and grand parks. Brussels also has a very playful side, being the home of many different cartoons and comics for example. And then there is their awesome food! From amazing chocolate to mastering a staple like fries, the food there is simple but they totally master it.

Brussels is a charming city full of great food and an interesting mix of cultures. I don't know if I would go there for an actual holiday, but it is a quirky little city and it was a great place for a mini weekend getaway!

Friday, March 27, 2015


Life has been pretty busy lately. Weekends are full of friends and enjoying as much of the sunshine and nicer weather as we can get. We've taken long walks into Christianshavn, I had some friends over for a little cream tea last weekend, and we've spent some time with my in-laws as well. Weekdays are normally packed with work during the day (and sometimes at home in the evening), fitting in gym classes, having dinner plans, etc. It's fun (in general) but also a little tiring. Sometimes it's just so nice to have a night in with no papers to read or places to go. Anyways! I am so glad it is Friday! It has been an interesting week at work with working on a big proposal and getting to do a little trip to Lund. It has gone by fast but sorta slow at the same time, if you know what I mean.

The sun is shining right now and I hope it'll stay this way through the weekend! Hope you guys are doing lovely!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Our Wedding: The Bouquets

I shared a flower inspiration post before my wedding and now I can talk about the flowers that I actually got for our wedding! As I've mentioned before, I really like the wild, loosely put together bouquet look and one of my favorite floral designers to follow is Studio Choo. For my wedding bouquet, and for the bridesmaids' bouquets, I wanted something wild looking that played with a mix of textures. I've also written about my favorite flower shop, De Fire Årstider in Lyngby, and knew I wanted to get my wedding flowers from them.

A few weeks before the wedding we went to ask about how it worked with flowers and everything and the florists at De Fire Årstider told us to come back about two weeks before the wedding so that we could see what was in season. I mean, people at home book their florist months in advance before their wedding because florists can only take so many wedding orders on the same day. So I thought it was pretty crazy going to the florist two weeks before our wedding, but it worked! I also brought some photos and examples of bouquets I liked, and De Fire Årstider took it from there. Besides my bouquet, the bridesmaids' bouquets and the boutonnieres, we also ordered flower crowns for our two flower girls and wrist corsages for our moms. 

I never got a trial bouquet or anything made so the first time I saw the bouquets was on our wedding day. And to be honest, besides the colors and some of the flowers they used, the bouquet I got did not look very much like the wild, loose bouquets I had given them photos of. However, I did really like the bouquets and loved the mix of colors in them. It was just one of those things where you're like "they're not exactly what I wanted, but they're still really nice and at the end of the day, it's not what's the most important!". As I am pretty petite, the bouquet was actually a really good size. It wasn't big and overwhelming and was proportionate to my height and size. 

In some ways, Danish florists are pretty traditional. Whenever I see bouquets in the stores, they are the typical, tightly bound round shaped bouquets, or they are the more traditional but regal looking wedding bouquets with orchids or lillies cascading down the side. Even though I though De Fire Årstider would be better at achieving the loose and wild style I wanted, they didn't exactly deliver. But they are still one of my favorite florists as they have quite a wide selection of flowers to choose from and they do incorporate some of the wilder elements into their bouquets. 

Another florist I contemplated was Blomsterskuret in the city. They have the cutest little shop on Værnedamsvej and also have a wilder look. However, the prices at De Fire Årstider was more in our budget and I am more familiar with them so we went there, even though it is a few kilometers outside of the city. Although the flowers didn't turn out exactly like I had envisioned, I really did like the bouquets we had at our wedding. They were pretty, colorful and fun, and complemented the look of the day!