Friday, July 13, 2012

Friends And The City

Some really good friends, an awesome Aussie and Swedish couple, that I met during my time in Lund, came over to Copenhagen for two days to meet up with their friend from Melbourne who is traveling through Europe and I met up to hang out with them here in Copie.

The afternoon started with a (delicious!) picnic in the botanical gardens. I had never been to the botanical gardens before and I will definitely come back for another stroll sometime this summer. We had seen the gray clouds approaching so we were guessing we would have about a good half hour before the rain would start to come down. We found a little dock to lay out the food that N and P prepared and just as we were about to take our first bites, the rain started to come down. We found a green house with a bit of shelter to spend the next hour or so eating and playing card games.

When the rain cleared up, we took a walk into Nørrebro. From the botanical gardens, we walked around Peblinge Sø onto Nørrebrogade. The boulevard in Assistens Cemetery is really beautiful when the trees are green and the sun is out, and when we walked through it, it was perfect. We paid H.C. Andersen a quick visit and then made our way to Shepard Fairey's mural. The mural went up last summer and as I am a fan of Fairey's work, I always drop by when I am in the area. From there we warmed up at The Coffee Collective on Jægersborggade with lattes, a cappuccino, some hot chocolate and tea. Jægersborggade is a buzzing street filled with different cafes and bars, restaurants, ceramic studios, and independent stores. You'll have to stay tuned for more on this street! As C had to catch a flight later that evening, we took the bus back into the city and said our goodbyes to him.

The boyfriend got off work and we had dinner with N and P at our place (moules frites!). Although we haven't seen P in about a year, it actually hasn't felt that long and hopefully we'll be able to pay him a visit in Australia soon! It was a great day in the city with some absolutely wonderful people! 

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