Monday, July 23, 2012

Three Weeks in a Row

I had dinner with the boyfriend and his parents earlier this month at a Vietnamese restaurant and since then, we have gone to two other Vietnamese restaurants for dinner the last two Sundays. And when I really like something, I just want to eat it all the time! When I lived at home in Vancouver, we would go to a Vietnamese restaurant almost every Sunday after going to church and when you go as often as we did, you get tired of the same meals. (I also don't like to try new foods when I've found something that I like, I'm a boring eater.) Living in Scandiland the last two years and not being able to have food that I normally eat at home on a regular basis, I am currently on a pho streak, I just can't get enough of it! We have been to Vietnam by Nordhavn in Østerbro, Nha Trang in Nørrebro, and now Saigon Quan in Frederiksberg.

I would definitely recommend Nha Trang and Saigon Quan. I had wonton noodle soup at Nha Trang so I don't know how the pho was but the boyfriend liked it, but last night he said that the pho at Saigon Quan was even better. We had a papaya salad and a Vietnamese iced coffee at Nha Trang as well and both were delicious. At Saigon Quan we ordered their summer roll to start and we both enjoyed it. We will be in Stockholm this weekend so I think our pho streak will be coming to an end. Writing about this now makes me want to go out and have another bowl!


  1. that pho looks delish! i know i said it before but i love your blog- it's so pretty!! and that's awesome you're living in europe now.. so glamorous ;) any plans to move back to vancity? i miss home!

  2. as i am currently unemployed, i joke that keeping this blog going is my "job" for now! i'm glad you're liking it :) mmm right now i have a visa to stay in denmark for a year, so if i don't find a full time position and a company that will sponsor me on a work visa, i may be flying back to vancouver next summer! i'm open to moving to other places for work as well so we will see what happens! i was reading your blog this morning and there are so many recipes that i want to try on it! and you've been in ottawa for awhile now! sounds like you are finding your groove there! happy tuesday!

  3. One thing that I definitely miss about Canada: the food. I could kill for some good pho right about now. Actually, I've never seen it here in Holland.

  4. Have you tried Bonjour Vietnam near Vesterbro theater? Not far from Le Le. They're really good!

    1. No I haven't tried it! Thanks for the recommendation :)