Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This Week's Flowers

It is hydrangea season! I spotted some at Torvehallerne on Sunday afternoon and while I was in the city yesterday, I came across these beauties at Bremerholm's Blomster right by Magasin. 

Hydrangeas are so simple and delicate, yet they make such a huge impact even on their own. The boyfriend used to live on a street where some of the apartments had hydrangea bushes right by the sidewalk and I may have mentioned several times that I was tempted to snip a few stems for myself! 

By the way, a tip for caring for hydrangeas. When I bought a stem last summer, the florist told me to cut a long diagonal piece off the bottom of the stem when I got home, revealing the white pithy parts inside, and to place the stem into hot water, the opposite of what you would normally do with cut flowers. My hydrangea stayed fresh for over a week last year so I repeated it with these ones that I bought yesterday. I'm hoping that they will stay fresh enough for our house warming this weekend!  

This view from our couch makes me so incredibly happy! I don't necessarily have a favorite flower, but hydrangeas are definitely up there! What's your favorite flower and what are the little things in your life that bring a smile to your face? 

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