Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Week's Flowers

I went to Bremerholm's Blomster on Friday afternoon to buy some flowers to put together some bouquets for my good friend M and a few other friends as they graduated with their MBA's on Saturday. Hydrangeas are still a great deal here so I got those and I bought five bunches of filler flowers. Altogether the flowers cost the same as one simple bouquet from the florist! I was able to stretch the flowers and make a large, medium, and baby bouquet. I don't do flower arranging ever and don't know very much about it so I was incredibly happy with how things turned out!

The large bouquet.

The medium bouquet. 

The baby bouquet.


  1. They were amazing! Thank you so so SO much Karen!

  2. you have found a new career path :) amazing!

  3. This fits right in with our back up plan in life;)