Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Boyfriend + 12 + Cupcakes + Krenit + This Week's Flowers

(The boyfriend had his Master's thesis defense yesterday so this post is a mish mash of many things that revolve around that.)

The boyfriend has been doing his Master's in Economics and Finance for the last 2 years and yesterday, he and his thesis partner did their defenses and they got the highest mark! 12's! He has worked really hard and juggled a lot of things including school, work, and me! His parents, brother, and I were at the school to celebrate with him right after his defense and it was so great to see how everyone reacted when he told us his grade. His parents are amazing and they were so incredibly happy and proud of him.

After celebrating at school for a bit and then going out for lunch, we invited our friend/the boyfriend's thesis partner and his girlfriend, and a bunch of their good friends over to our apartment. And of course, I had to make cupcakes to celebrate! I bought a Valhrona cocoa powder on the weekend and used it in my usual chocolate cake recipe and it tastes even more amazing! The flavor is so much better than the regular cocoa powder I use. However, I wouldn't expect less from the Valhrona cocoa powder as it costs 3 times the price of the other cocoa powder I use! (Side note, there is zero choice here in terms of cocoa powder. All the grocery stores sell the same generic cocoa powder, so when I saw the Valhrona one available at one of the higher end grocery stores, I had to try it out and taste the difference!) The chocolate cupcakes were topped with peanut butter frosting and some chocolate flakes. They were delicious!

As I mentioned, the boyfriend's family came to celebrate yesterday and his parents gave him a number
of graduation presents. His mom is so sweet and spoils all of us and well, yesterday, they really outdid themselves. The boyfriend (and I ;)) got 6 Krenit bowls from Normann in lime green and baby blue. They are gorgeous and a Danish classic. You can read more about the Krenit bowls here. We love them!

On Monday, I went into town to my favorite flower store and bought some hydrangeas, calla lillies, and fillers for a graduation bouquet for the boyfriend. The hydrangeas didn't last very long as two of them wilted yesterday and the rest of them followed suit today so I took them out. However, you can see the hydrangeas and the full arrangement in the photo with the cupcakes.

And now we have reached the end of this incredibly long and all-over-the-place post! If you have some free time, browse the Normann site and shop, they have some really great products!

Hope your week has been going well!

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