Monday, November 12, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Christmas! Because our star lamp is up!

The boyfriend had two of his friend's over for dinner on Friday night and they got roped into helping us put up our paper star lamp. I mentioned a few weeks ago that we picked up the lamp at Bungalow at the Ravnsborggade flea market for less than half price. We have the Jaipur lamp in lime green. We bought the light bulb holder/socket, the clear cord, and the plug at Silvan and the boyfriend wired it all up. The lamp holder piece on the ceiling is from Ikea. The boyfriend and his friend L put the cord through the lamp holder and screwed that piece into the ceiling. They then put in the light bulb, tied up the star and voila! It's done! We also bought some wall clips on the weekend and nailed those into the wall to hold the cord along the moulding. We didn't clip and nail the entire length of the cord to the inside corner of the wall as we didn't want to create too many holes as we are renting this apartment.

I am super happy with the lamp. We thought about placing the star a bit lower but it's also nice as it is right now because it is level with the two chandeliers we have in the living room and dining room. It really adds some hygge or coziness to the living room!

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