Monday, November 5, 2012

Thursday Afternoon Fika

Last Thursday I was sitting at home doing some chores and wonderful things such as banking when my friend Y called. I met Y over 2 years ago as we were in the same Master's program at Lund University and she has become one of my closest friends over here in Scandiland. She is still living in Lund and we had chatted earlier in the week about when I was going to see her next. I promised to go to Lund once the Swedish lussekatter (saffron buns) were available at St. Jakobs, our favorite bakery and place to have fika. So when Y called me on Thursday afternoon, I thought she was going to tell me that lussekatter are available now and that I needed to get on the next train to Lund. But no, unfortunately, lussekatter are still not available at St. J's yet, however, she was in Copenhagen! Y got called for a job interview in Copenhagen earlier and called me afterwards to have fika and we went to The Royal Cafe.  So instead of hopping on the next train to Lund, I caught the next bus into the city to meet her.

It was so great getting to hang out with Y in person on Thursday afternoon. I haven't really developed close friends here in Copenhagen yet so it was just so nice to hang out with a friend who I've known for over 2 years now, someone who I've had countless coffees with and have seen almost everyday before I moved across the bridge to Denmark. I love meeting new people but sometimes it's nice to just spend time with someone who knows all about your life and just be able to catch up on where we last left off. So, Y and I had chai tea and some biscotti at The Royal Cafe and hung out for a few hours before she hopped on the train home again. I will be making a stop to Lund sometime this month so it won't be long until I see her again but I'm (selfishly) hoping she gets the job in Copenhagen so I'll get to see her in person more often!

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