Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Thursday

Some random thoughts for you today!

First of all, today is Luciadag/Saint Lucia Day. Also known as the official lussekatter eating day! So you bet I took a few of those little saffron buns out from the freezer for a sweet little treat tonight! You can read more about Lucia here and watch the really sweet video above of some Danish children celebrating Lucia at school.

Secondly, I've been wanting to write about this for awhile. As I mentioned before, we were at the spa at the local swimming pool on my brithday. At the spa, there is a room with massage chairs and people can sign up for a time slot to use a chair. So the boyfriend and I go up to put our names down for the next available time and I see that someone put down "Gurlie" ahead of us. And I turned to the boyfriend and said something like "Do you think that girl is trying to be all cute and stuff by nicknaming herself Gurlie? And usually we would usually spell it like Girlie, not Gurlie". Anyways, little did I know that Gurlie is a real Danish name!

Thirdly, I took part in a cookie exchange that appears in the holiday issue of A Subtle Revelry's seasonal online magazine as well as on their blog. Tina from Traveling Mama invited me to take part in the exchange with a few other bloggers living in Copenhagen and we had a lovely afternoon snacking on some delicious cookies. The holiday issue came out a few weeks ago but I keep forgetting to mention it here. The story starts on page 71 and it includes my go-to recipe for chewy oatmeal raisin cookies so do check it out for some great cookie recipes and holiday ideas!

And lastly, I really want to wrap presents. Now that I think about it, I should have applied to be a Christmas gift wrapper at one of the department stores here or something (although I have no idea where I would have gone to apply for something like that). The boyfriend's Christmas presents have been bought and wrapped so now I'm bugging him to start buying gifts for his family so I can get wrapping! Oh, and for a little secret about me. I like to always say things are a gift at the registers here so that the sales assistants will wrap the things I buy whether they are for myself or for someone else. I just like to see how they wrap it and what sort of paper and ribbon they use. But most of the time, okay I mean all the time, I unwrap them at home and do it again with my own papers and ribbons! Last year we wrapped gifts in white, green and blue paper and used a mix of Bungalow gift tags and cheaper ones from Søstrene Grene. We topped them off with either red twine, black ribbons, and a mix of other black, white and silver ribbons. Although there was some continuity last year, we are much more coordinated this year! I'll be back with some photos of this years wrapped gifts real soon, I promise!

Happy Thursday!

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