Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This Week's Flowers

We invited the boyfriend's parents over for coffee on Sunday and his mom brought us two new orchid plants. I had never seen this type of orchids before but I sure do like how many blooms they have! This species of orchid is called "dendrobium nobile".

My parents have had orchid plants and it always seemed like they were really hard to take care of. Over the last two years I've had a few orchid plants. I water them maybe once a week or every two weeks and try to put them in a warm spot. Since orchid plants are extremely inexpensive here in Copenhagen, if one dies, I'm not heartbroken. I am however, super excited and giddy when I a new bud develops and it actually survives and blooms!

On the side, I've bought a few hyacinths now for Christmas as they are super popular here right now but I seem to be killing them all. I bought some last week and the leaves have turned all yellow! (Which is why they do not get photographed and displayed on here!) What am I doing wrong? Do you keep plants or flowers at home? What's your favorite?

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