Monday, December 17, 2012

This Year's Gift Wrap Style

I love wrapping gifts. l o v e it. It's so much fun for me. As I mentioned awhile back, I got a few rolls of wrapping paper from Bungalow during their flea market sale at the end of September and I finally got to use them. The boyfriend and I joined up with his brother to purchase gifts for their parents so we bought a few things for them from their wish list. The boyfriend and I also bought each other two gifts and we're still working on finding the last part of his brother's gift.

Last year, I wrapped and decorated each gift separately but this year, I went for the stacked look. So we piled the two or sometimes three gifts for each person on top of each other and held everything together with two strands of white paper ribbon and one strand of turquoise twine. To top it off, we used either a brown paper tag or a Bungalow heart gift tag depending on the wrapping paper used on the top gift. I also placed two white feathers through the knot on the bow and a sparkly little apple decoration, these were just some craft items I had lying around and thought it would add a different texture and a little bit of sparkle to the gifts.

Here are some of my gift wrapping essentials:

Wrapping paper (I love the simple white or tan/brown kraft paper look)
Tissue paper (use if the gift can be seen through the wrapping paper)
Ribbon (I like to use multiple strands and mix different types)
Tape (preferably washi/mt tape!)
Gift tags
Extra little decorations (feathers, buttons, paper flowers, etc.)

Do you like wrapping and decorating gifts? What sort of materials do you like to use? If you have some  gift wrapping ideas or tips, send them my way! Happy gifting this Christmas season!

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  1. You can come wrap my presents any day! These are beautiful!