Monday, January 14, 2013


As I mentioned in my last post, the boyfriend and I went out to dinner at Geist to celebrate our two year anniversary. We enjoyed everything that we ordered, the service was great, and the decor and atmosphere of the restaurant was fun. We sat at the bar facing the window and Kongens Nytorv, but behind us, there are more bar seats and people sitting there can watch all the chefs in action. 

Here's what we had...

Potatoes with poached egg and sea urchin.

Avocado with slightly salted caviar.

Pot roasted cauliflower with black olive and liquorice. 

Scallops with chestnut toast.

Flambeed heart of lamb with jerusalem artichokes.

Stilton (cheese) with poached apple.

Banana olive oil sorbet with crushed chocolate. 

Finished off with an espresso for the boyfriend that came with lemon flavored cotton candy. 

The boyfriend had the avocado and caviar, the cauliflower, the lamb heart, and the Stilton dessert while I had the potatoes and sea urchin, the scallops, and the banana olive oil sorbet. The sea urchin was good and it was fun to try, but now that I've tasted it once, I think my sea urchin eating days have come to an end. The sea urchin had a very strong seafood/ocean taste and a slimy texture, it was nicely balanced out with the saltiness in the potatoes and the creaminess of the egg yolk. The scallops were served with chestnut cream and a very garlicky bread crumb cracker type thing on top. The flavors and textures went very well together in this dish and I loved it. But my favorite was the dessert (surprise surprise). At first you only taste the banana flavor, but quickly following that the olive oil really comes through and finally it finishes with the crunch of the chocolate and toffee, the whole thing is just amazing. I also made sure the boyfriend ordered an espresso with dessert as one of my Danish classmates who had been to Geist before told me about the cotton candy that came with his espresso. Although we didn't finish the whole thing of lemon cotton candy, we did finish almost half of it!

I really think that Copenhagen has an awesome food scene and at different price points. It's always a treat for us to go out and try new places. We would definitely recommend Geist and are looking forward to going again!

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