Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Two

So the story goes like this, we met in Vancouver. He was on exchange, we were in the same macroeconomics class. We became friends we sort of liked each other but he had to go home. After graduating with my bachelor's and about half a year later, I moved to Lund, just a 40 minute train ride away from Copenhagen for my master's. We met up again, we were still friends. We were still just friends and Karen got a bit annoyed, but then in January 2010 we started dating and now we've been dating for two years!

To celebrate, we went out to eat at Geist last night (there will be a post about that coming real soon) and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Really interesting combinations in their dishes - some you'd never imagine pairing, and a really great atmosphere in the restaurant. We would definitely recommend it! We traded cards after dinner last night, and now we are spending the weekend up at the summer house. 

I know everyone says this about their boyfriend/girlfriend, but Adam truly is the best. I am incredibly thankful for him and love him more than words can say. 

Happy two years to us!

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