Sunday, January 20, 2013

There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather

It is freezing in Copenhagen at the moment. Everyone's always like "You're from Canada, this shouldn't be cold for you". Actually, yes, -3 with a windchill factor of -12 during the day today is real cold. I just checked and it is going to be 6 degrees in Vancouver today, and it doesn't get to -2 (with no windchill!) until the evening. I know it isn't normally this cold in Copenhagen either, but this year, it is.

But as the Scandi's like to say,

Those were a few shots of my feet from last weekend at the summerhouse. I was fine walking around the city and taking the train with no socks on. But then we got to the summerhouse where the heat was pretty much off and the floors were freezing in the house. And then once I put my wool socks on, well, they just couldn't come off the rest of the time we were up there.


  1. And here I was missing winter weather ^_^ haha.

    I was at Old Navy a few weeks back and they had scarfs on sale and I had to stop and think, "Oh yeah, it is winter somewhere". Then I realized most of the people that shop at that store are from abroad. Do stay warm Karen =)

    Nice post and pictures,

    1. Haha I wish I had YOUR weather Kesha! Hope things are going wonderfully with you! :)