Thursday, January 24, 2013

This Week's Crafting: Fastelavnsris

When I lived in Lund, branches with feathers would go up everywhere around town from shop windows to being sold at flower stands. I thought it was just some sort of decoration people put up before Easter, but now I know what they are. They are fastelavnsris! Fastelavn is celebrated before the season of Lent starts, seven weeks before Easter. To celebrate, children dress up in costumes, play games, and get treats.

Fastelavnsris were used two different ways starting in the 18th century. First it was used by parents to flog their children on Good Friday to remind them of the sufferings of Christ on the cross. They were also used to flog young women and those who were infertile. But today, it is mostly children who flog their parents. 

Rather than all that flogging, seeing fastelavnsris reminds me that spring and Easter is approaching and it is incredibly easy to make one for yourself and your home. 

What you'll need are a few thin branches, feathers, and a hot glue gun. Heat up the glue gun, put a small dab of glue on the end of one feather, press the feather with the glue on it down onto the end of a branch, and that's it! I also had some gold glitter spray lying around so I sprayed the branches outside before gluing the feathers on. I've also seen some fastelavnsris with wrapped candy tied to the branches, crepe paper flowers, and little tassels on the ends of the branches, so feel free to add things you like! 

Happy crafting!

*If you were wondering, I bought the branches and two packs of basic feathers at Panduro!

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