Monday, February 11, 2013

Fun, Friends & Food

Weekends are for fun, friends, and food!

I had a really great weekend after a somewhat stressing week (think jaw pain + trip to the dentist). On Friday afternoon, I met with L and we had cake and tea at Strangas. I had a piece of dark chocolate and strawberry cake and I finally got to try a macron there! Nikolaos Strangas was there again and as we were the last customers, he gave both of us a strawberry and chocolate macaron. They are just so great. Delicious cakes and really great service.

The boyfriend and I spent Friday evening at our friends' apartment and we had a really awesome time. I don't know what happened to me while I was growing up, but for some strange reason, these Danes know the lyrics to all these old pop songs that I never listened to growing up. Everyone is singing and they can't believe that I don't know the songs at all. I think I need to catch up on like 90's pop...

Unfortunately, it is still in the minuses here in Copenhagen, but on Saturday afternoon we ventured out and met up with our friend E for some warm oatmeal at Grød in Nørrebro. I had a bowl topped with raspberry sugar, fresh chunks of mango, and toasted hazelnuts. After our breakfast/lunch, we took a walk through Assistens Cemetery before venturing to the costume store to find some costumes for a Fastelavn's party we are going to this weekend.

After a quick bubble tea stop at Mad Hatter's, we went to Hamsa for a gentle hatha class. I go to yoga classes at Hamsa 3 times a week, and the boyfriend has a membership at one of the gym's instead. But he just bought a pass so he will be going to a few more classes. It was really nice to be next to him on a mat. In gentle classes we often do stretches with partners, so it was super sweet getting to partner up with him! And to finish off the day, we made fish tacos at home with fresh (and spicy) pico de gallo and had a long skype session with my sisters.

And lastly, Sunday! Met with an old friend at Coffee Collective in Frederiksberg for a cappuccino and then hopped on the bus and metro with the boyfriend to Field's. We have been on the hunt for a certain type of pants for the boyfriend's costume for the party we're going to this weekend and we finally got him some! He is hard to shop for. And he wouldn't change his mind about what his costume would be. So I am very glad we finally found something he is happy with. I'm excited to show you guys pictures next week! The day finished off with more fish tacos and I watched the documentary "Somewhere Between". Great documentary about the lives of 4 girls who have grown up in America but were adopted from China when they were really young and their experiences with their identity, connecting to Chinese culture, and finding their birth parents for example. I cried a few times watching this and I think it's a great film to watch if you have been adopted or ever want to adopt.

And that was my weekend! How was yours? What did you get up to?


  1. New follower of your blog here, I'm a fellow expat living in CPH :) The cake from Strangas looks great - it's right round the corner from me so I will be checking that out! Also good to know there's a bubble tea place here in Copenhagen, my sister has been pushing me to try it for ages so nice to know there's somewhere local.

    1. Hi Nicola! It's nice to meet another expat on here! I hope you are enjoying life in Copenhagen so far! You MUST go to Strangas, I'm sure you will love it :)