Monday, February 25, 2013

Gallery Table

I really enjoy going to art galleries partly because I just love taking in and looking at the high walls arranged with different artwork in various frames and sizes and placed in specific ways. In the future, I would like to have some sort of gallery wall in my home.

As we are renting this apartment and don't really want to put a bunch of holes in the walls, we don't have a gallery wall. But lucky for us, we have a glass table with a full shelf underneath it so we have a gallery table! 

The gallery consists of different things that have some sort of meaning to the boyfriend and I. We have some photographs of the two of us, some with friends abroad and here in Copenhagen, and one with both sets of our parents in it. We also have two Ladurée boxes, some paper flowers, a postcard the boyfriend sent me from Berlin, a Obey print, this card from Oh My Deer that I framed, a lava rock, and a handmade card from a friend in France. My lomo camera, a little llama figure the boyfriend got from his grandma, and a porcelain origami swan from are also featured. My gold Hay scissors and feather pen are also permanent members of the gallery. Once in awhile I will switch out the postcards or the photos and add some new items, but this is basically how it has looked since we moved in. 

Are you into gallery walls? How do you decorate your walls at home?

Images: 1//2//3 (I also love the Louis Ghost chairs in the 2nd image! One day!)