Monday, February 4, 2013

Last Week's Crafting

I've been busy making bracelets the last week.

Bracelet making is real easy. It just takes some patience and time (especially if you're using tiny beads like me). Buy some elastic string, specifically for making bracelets of course, pick some beads that you like, get a pair of scissors, some tape to hold the bracelet down while you are stringing your beads, some clear nail polish and that's it!

I bought the thinnest size elastic you could get at Panduro, some tiny black seed beads, and then a string of dark gray/silver and a pack of gold/copperish Czech glass beads. String to your desired length, then tie two surgeon's knots, and to seal the knot I painted some clear nail polish over it so that it will hopefully help the knot hold better.

These make great gifts and I know I will be making a few more to give away to my family and friends! 

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