Thursday, February 21, 2013


I graduated with my Master's in June and have been living in Copenhagen since July. And 95% of the time, life is good and I am happy and I'm generally a very positive person. But 8 months post-graduation, I am (still) unemployed, I am tired of going to Danish classes, and although I love living here, building up a new network of friends has been a long and slow process. 

It can get overwhelming thinking and dwelling on all the things that aren't happening in my life, despite all my efforts. But, things are put back into perspective again when I focus my attention on all the things that I do have going on for me. I have a loving boyfriend and amazing parents who have been so supportive of me in all the decisions I've made, I am healthy, I have wonderful friends all around the world, I have a great and extremely useful education in cultural analysis and ethnography, and I am living in a sweet apartment in a really gorgeous city.

These quotes tend to pick me up whenever I am like "What am I doing?"/have a mini freak out/life crisis moment and help me refocus my perspective on things. I hope they'll be helpful to you too on those rare days when you feel like things aren't going the way you imagined, hoped, or planned. 

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  1. You'll get through it love, and soon you are going to have a job, and you'll look back at your life thinking "where the heck did I get so strong?", and it will be all due to living through life as it is. You are a great friend, a loving girlfriend, a wonderful daughter and soon.. a college that will be admired.
    I admire you:)
    Love you lots!