Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weekday Celebrations

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day so we had five friends over for a pancake dinner. It was fun to have people over on a Tuesday night and have breakfast foods. We served roasted potatoes, bacon, and three types of pancakes - good ol' fluffy buttermilk pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, and lemon blueberry pancakes. There was butter and syrup, as well as whipped cream, strawberries, sliced bananas, and melon to have on the side or with the pancakes too. Although I love pancakes, I think we've had our fill and I don't think we will be eating them for a few weeks!

Although I don't normally make decorations when we invite friends over for dinner, I really enjoyed making the tissue paper pom poms and a little washi tape garland over the last few days. They just added something to the dinner and the mood. The decorations made it feel a little more special than any other Tuesday night.

Why should weekends have all the fun? I think more weekday celebrations are needed!


  1. How did you have lemon bluberry pancakes? You just added lemon in the pancake mix? that sounds AMAZING! I wanna try that now..:)