Sunday, March 17, 2013

Breakfast Smoothie

The boyfriend and I's breakfast over the last few months has consisted mostly of just smoothies. They are great because they're quick to make and drink as we both need to be out the door early in the mornings as Danish classes start at 8:30 for me and he has to get to work. They're not crazy fancy and there are like a thousand different smoothie variations out there, but this is how we do ours!

Breakfast Smoothie 
2 medium size servings

4 (generous) scoops of skyr (scooped with a regular soup spoon)
1 large or 2 small bananas
a handful of frozen berries
2 tbsp of ground flaxseed (1 tbsp per serving, scale as you like!)
1/2 cup of milk or enough to get desired consistency

Throw everything into your blender and blend until smooth. Then you'll have a smoothie packed with protein, omega-3s, and fiber, that will also fulfill at least a little bit of your recommended fruit and veggie intake each day.

Skyr is an Icelandic dairy product, similar to a thick yogurt (think Greek) but is really a cheese. Most skyr that is available here in Copenhagen is organic and contains no more than 0.2% of fat. It is available at all grocery stores as it is quite popular these days (for example, Netto, Irma, Føtex, Fakta). It is a little more expensive than regular yogurt and Greek yogurt, but we think it is worth it. The skyr that we currently have has 11 grams of protein in every 100 gram serving. Skyr has a tangy taste on its own, so if I eat it like yogurt, I mix some honey in it. The banana in the smoothie eliminates the tangy taste so they are essential to the smoothie!

So that's what we have for breakfast! What do you normally eat in the morning? 

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