Thursday, April 11, 2013

Apartment Dreams

We are looking for a new place to live right now as we will be moving out of our current apartment in a few months. We have lived here since July, and I really like the apartment and find myself comparing the new places we look at to this one. I like that our current apartment has a separate dining room and living room, it is in a great location, and it has pretty details that I'm particularly fond of like crown molding and stucco pieces on the ceiling for chandeliers and lamps. We are looking for a new apartment with a certain budget in mind so we probably will not get everything that we like and want. We might not get that separate dining room, the apartment might be a few square meters smaller than where we are now, or we might have to settle for a closet sized bathroom and so on. But, I can always dream right?

I have a "hjem" board on Pinterest where I pin mostly dining rooms and kitchens that contain features that I like. According to the board, I really like wooden floors that are painted white. I like mix and match chairs around the dining table. Copper pendant lamps - yes please! And then there is my love for gallery walls and maybe book walls too? I guess this is more about how I would like to decorate than about the actual structure of an apartment.

What do you love about your home now? Is there something you wish you could add or change? What do you look for when you're apartment hunting?


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