Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Friday

I'm starting the weekend with a dessert and drinks night with a few lovely ladies. There are 4 servings of panna cotta in my fridge ready for this evening. I poured some of the extra mixture into little shot glasses and I had to "taste test" one of them before serving them to my friends (ha!). If you're having guests over this weekend and have no idea what to make for dessert, give this vanilla panna cotta recipe a try! It's delicious and so easy. Today, I have paired the panna cotta with a strawberry coulis and some chopped mint. I can't wait to have a full serving tonight!

Have an awesome weekend!

*Recipe notes: Feel free to use 6 sheets of gelatin (I am using gelatin sheets from Denmark, so I don't know how many grams gelatin sheets are in other places. If so, it might be safer to stick to powdered gelatin) in place of the gelatin powder, depending on what you have at home. Also, I chose to use half cream and half 1.5% milk this time around so it is not as heavy. 

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