Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pink and Black Cupcakes

I just finished making these whipped vanilla buttercream devil's food cupcakes for the boyfriend to take to work tomorrow. It'll be his last day at work there before he starts a new job next week and apparently it is customary for the person leaving to bring in cake for their colleagues. Sounds like a great tradition/norm/custom to me! The frosting has been tinted pink and I tried to get black cupcake liners because the company that the boyfriend has been working for uses pink and black in their logo and a lot of their packaging. As always, I have taste tested one and I love it. But that's no surprise since this whipped vanilla buttercream and this devil's food cake has become a staple around here.

I bought the black sugar stars at Magasin, from the brand Miss Etoile. Miss Etoile has a lot of fun cupcake decorations, party decorations, and really sweet teacups and such. I tried to get black cupcake liners but they look more dark brown to me than black. A great shop for all your cake and candy making needs is Special Købmanden and the only store that they have in Copenhagen is in Frederiksberg on Gammel Kongevej, that's where I have bought some piping tips, silver foil cupcake liners, icing spatulas, etc. 

Do you have any favorite cupcake flavors? Do you have any recipes that you'd like to share with me? I'd love to try making cupcakes in some new flavors!  

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