Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tasty Weekend

We're coming to the end of the long weekend and we've been having a great time going out to eat and cooking up some great food over the last three days. 

The boyfriend and I met up with our friend E at Sokkelund in Frederiksberg for lunch on Friday. I love moules frites so I had to have it of course! We have been there a few times and do really enjoy their food. They are always very busy, so definitely make a reservation if you would like to have brunch or lunch there on the weekend. After lunch we took a walk down Gammel Kongevej to have coffee at Ipsen & Co., a lovely little cafe. I am definitely looking forward to going there again! In the evening we made banana ice cream - it is one of our favorite desserts. Simply slice a few bananas, freeze them overnight and then put them through the blender or a food processor for a few minutes and there you go! Banana soft serve ice cream! 

On Saturday morning, the boyfriend and I made strawberry nutella crepes. They were delicious. I got this crepe recipe from my sister and it is incredibly easy to put together. The rest of the day was spent facetiming with my friend M, we did a little shopping and some more coffee drinking, and in the evening we went to our friend's birthday party. 

This morning we woke up just in time to go to the Copenhagen Sakura Festival and catch the mochi making demonstration. They gave out samples of a red been covered mochi and a savory mochi that was covered in seaweed. I really liked the savory mochi! We also had some great Japanese food from one of the vendors at the festival and I'm sure my mom will be really happy to know that the boyfriend really enjoyed some taiyaki! Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake, filled with red bean paste. And that has been our foodie weekend!  

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