Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Evening in Tivoli

Tivoli officially opens this Thursday, but the boyfriend got some tickets through his work to go to the pre-opening today. It was chilly, but the amusement park was full of excited children and families, from babies to grandparents. I thought Tivoli looked especially pretty with the glow from the setting sun. And of course a trip to the amusement park includes (a gigantic thing of) cotton candy!

Have you been to Tivoli here in Copenhagen? Are you a fan? I think I am more partial to Disneyland/world, but that may be because that's where I went growing up (and Disney is just magical, really), whereas the Danes grew up with Tivoli. But Tivoli is a really cozy place and I always enjoy going there. If you will be visiting Copenhagen or have just moved here, it is definitely worth a visit!


  1. I went to Tivoli when I was in Copenhagen for work late last year - it was truly magical at Christmas - the lights and the decorations - it was very "hygge"....the candyfloss looks amazing!

    1. I agree, Tivoli at Christmas is extra special!

  2. After I heard about Tivoli's collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur and after having seen how poorly they address the issue on their FB page, I have no desire to ever go there.