Monday, April 22, 2013


Good morning and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We had a fun and relaxing weekend full of friends, sunshine, and some food experiments!

On Saturday morning, we went to play with Baby A for a bit so that her parents could go out for brunch. She is the cutest and was doing really adorable baby stretches/yoga poses all morning. Baby A's mom, S, also blogs and you can check out some of the amazing things she has knitted and made on Hvabehar. I was also able to borrow a whole stack of Mollie Makes magazines from S so I have a lot of new reading material this week! In the afternoon, we headed out to Valby where the boyfriend got his hair cut and we met up with two of our friends for some coffee and sunshine. We walked home afterwards, ordered some pizza for dinner, and then the boyfriend took me out to watch The Place Beyond the Pines at Grand Teatret. Grand Teatret is a cozy, more intimate, less teenagery movie theater - great for dates! 

We didn't have plans on Sunday morning so we had breakfast and headed out to the grocery store to pick up most of the things we would need for this week. We are still trying to make food plans so that we don't have to run down to the grocery store everyday, and hopefully save some money. In the afternoon we met up with one of the boyfriend's oldest friends and we went into the city to do some shopping for a birthday we are going to this coming weekend. The sun was shining so we also bought some coffees and sat out on the canal for an hour or so. And like pho and mochi ice cream, I have not had japchae, a Korean noodle dish, in ages, so yesterday evening we made japchae for dinner! I followed this Mushroom Asparagus Japchae recipe from Beyond Kimchee and also added the marinated beef from her original Japchae recipe. There are quite a few steps to the recipe, but it was all worth it because it was delicious! I bought the sweet potato noodles for this dish at Den Kinesiske Købmand. One recipe and one pack of the sweet potato noodles is (more than) enough for four servings so we are having leftovers for dinner tonight. Japchae is almost completely gluten free and can easily be made gluten free if you substitute the soy sauce with tamari. We went out for a walk after dinner to check out some apartments for sale in the neighborhood and watched some Happy Endings to finish off the weekend. 

And that was our weekend! There is such a change in the mood and the vibe of Copenhagen when the sun is shining and the temperatures are slightly higher. I love it! 

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