Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Balloons, Polaroids + Weddings

We had another long weekend last week. Thursday was a public holiday but the boyfriend had Friday off as well so it was a four day weekend for us!

The weekend started off with brunch at our place with a few of our friends. We served this leek and mushroom quiche, pan roasted potatoes, bacon wrapped asparagus, and some melon and berries. To decorate the dining room a little, I bought a pack of mixed green balloons from Søstrene Grene and just hung them upside down from the ceiling.

On Friday, we went to the boyfriend's parents house to help them with some painting and sort through the boyfriend's old things. Like baking, painting was really nice and relaxing. We found the boyfriend's old Polaroid camera a few weeks ago at the house and on Friday he found a pack of film! It expired in 2001, but we thought we'd try it anyways. So far, out of the five pictures we've taken, we've only had two where you can actually see something in the photo. But now that we know the camera still works, we're looking into buying some film from The Impossible Project. Friday finished off with helping my friend S prepare for her wedding the next day, followed by ramen with I at Kung Fu II and then going to a party that L threw at her apartment. A great Friday!

Saturday was the best. We spent the morning moseying around and then in the afternoon we hopped on a bus to go to church for our friend's S and K's wedding blessing and then into the city afterwards for their reception and party. Their wedding is the best one I've been to yet. Everything was so thought out from the home made gluten free wedding cake S's mother-in-law made to the wine that K imported himself for the party to the fun music the band was playing all night to the hot dog stand they hired for a late night snack. Plus, some of my dearest friends here in Copenhagen were there too - making it a night to remember! S and K's wedding was a wonderful celebration of their love and relationship and I got teary eyed listening to some of the speeches and songs that their family and friends prepared for them. They are so loved!

On Sunday we went back to the boyfriend's parents house to finish up some painting and cleaning before having dinner with his family. All in all, a busy, full, and a really fun weekend! I love weekends like that. Weekends that are full of spending time with family and friends, they are the best! 

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  1. Looks like you have been keeping very busy! Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!