Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Send Your Friends Some Glitter

I really like making and personalizing cards for my friends' birthdays, valentine's, and just little notes to say hi. I bought a Sakura Quickie Glue pen a long time ago and haven't gotten to use it until now. There are sales going on everywhere in the city right now and while I was at Panduro, I found this pack of glitter for 18kr. Since it is one of our friends' birthday tomorrow, it was the perfect time to create a sparkly birthday card.

All you need is some card stock, a glue pen, and glitter in whatever colors you like. Since I was creating a birthday card, I drew some balloons. I did one balloon at a time as the glue dries quite quickly. Draw the outline of the balloon with the glue pen and fill it in. Right after that pour a decent amount of glitter over it. Wait a few seconds and tap the card a few times over some scrap paper so the excess glitter falls off.

I'm really loving the sparkle of these cards and I have a feeling I will be glittering some more cards in the next little while. I'm also surprised at how strong the glue on these glue pens are. Who would have thought!

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