Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer in Copenhagen

It has been warm, sunny, and over 20 degrees since the first of this month and Copenhagen is absolutely wonderful this time of the year!

Some things I love about the summers here:

- sunshine until late in the evening (sometimes it's still light outside when I go to sleep, ah!)
- there are parks, lakes, beaches, and harbors where you can sit out and soak in some sun all around the city
- ice cream all the time!!!
- the relaxed mood in the city
- sitting on friends' patios and in courtyards having dinner outside
- going for a dip at Amager Strand or at Islands Brygge
- holidays! Danes get 5 weeks of holidays so there's lots of time to travel or hang out at the summerhouse
- there are events happening every week in the city
- being able to spend more time with friends and family

What are your favorite things about the summer?

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