Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mish Mash

A few random notes for today.

1. Shrimp smørrebrød is my favorite kind of smørrebrød! I was really feeling like a shrimp sandwich on Sunday afternoon and since we were near a traditional Danish restaurant, we stopped in there for some lunch. The boyfriend's parents know I like shrimp smørrebrød and sometimes they are really sweet and serve it as a starter when we are over at their place for dinner.

2. Has anyone made yogurt at home before? I'm interested in trying it and am thinking about attempting it on Sunday night or Monday. Since I always get great results with David Lebovitz's recipes, I think I will try his recipe first.

3. I got approved last week for a Greencard to stay in Denmark for a while longer! When I moved to Copenhagen last summer, I came here on a Working Holiday visa and that expired on June 30th. Luckily my Greencard got approved in time, what a relief! Over the weekend I asked the boyfriend if he thought we would live in Denmark forever. I don't think that is a horrible thing, but I never imagined I would actually live in Scandinavia beyond my Master's program. Life is fun! If not forever, we'll definitely be in Copenhagen for the next few years!

4. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I've heard from many that it's easy to make yogurt but I haven't tried it. Can't wait to read about the outcome :)

    Have you heard about the yogurt shop that opened in the city?

    oh, and congrats with the Greencard!

    1. I didn't hear about the yogurt shop in the city until now! An interesting concept, not sure if I will go try it since we eat skyr and yogurt at home but it's great to have some healthy alternatives in the city! And thank you about the Greencard! Have a great day!