Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bright and Shiny

Earlier this month, my friend S and I had a lovely Sunday together brunching and painting. We had a bite to eat at Sokkelund before walking down to Creative Space on Gammel Kongevej.

We both picked the same vase/wine cooler piece to paint and we got started. I've been to ceramic studios in Vancouver before and Creative Space is pretty much the same. First you choose what you want to paint, then you select your paints and paint your heart out, and then they fire and glaze it for you and you get to pick up your work of art a week later! It was my second time there and I knew I wanted to use the matte paint this time around. I love the contrast between matte and glossy so that was what I went for. I also used the speckle paint there and I absolutely love the effect it has. If you are looking for some ideas and inspiration, check out Creative Space's Facebook page as well!

Painting is so therapeutic and relaxing. S and I had a wonderful afternoon there. It's a perfect rainy day activity and you can make some really thoughtful and personal gifts there for your friends and family. I'm already looking forward to going back there to paint a new name plate for our door at the new apartment!

Creative Space
Gammel Kongevej 154
1850 Frederiksberg

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