Sunday, August 11, 2013

Friday Night at Barburrito

We went out for dinner on Friday night at a little place on Skindergade called Barburrito. After having tacos at La Taqueria in Vancouver over our holidays, I've been wanting some more Mexican food in my life. Barburrito says they are inspired by Mexican street food and I think their decor and the feel of the place really matched that.

I love Mexican food. We make tacos at home every once in a while and I'll go through phases where I will have guacamole everyday for like five days in a row. Our tacos are not legit at all. But we try. While I was on exchange in Hong Kong, my friends and I went to the same Mexican restaurant for most of our birthday dinners. So while I was on exchange, I pretty much ate more Mexican food than Cantonese food in Hong Kong. I mean, who does that? 

On Friday afternoon I spontaneously emailed the boyfriend and our friend E if they wanted to go out for dinner at Barburrito that night and they were both up for it so off we went. The boyfriend and I shared everything and we started with the crispy pork skin with guacamole and valentina. We ordered two different types of tacos and topped it all off with a braised veal burrito. I was full even after two little tacos! 

The food was great. I haven't actually been to Mexico so I can't say how it would compare, but for Copenhagen, I thought it was really good. Their crispy pork, haberno onion, and spicy chorizo taco had great flavor and I liked the combination of fillings. Plus their aqua fresca and limeade were delicious! 

If you're ever looking for a place to eat before a night out or you are really craving some Mexican food, definitely check out Barburrito!

Skindergade 36 kld.
1159 Copenhagen K

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