Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ice Cream for Dinner at Ismageriet

The boyfriend and I drove to Amager last night to look for some things at Field's. I wanted some of these pillow covers from H&M Home but couldn't find them out there (they are also not available at the one in the city in case you like them too!). But all was well in the world again because we stopped by Ismageriet on our way home!

I'd heard about it awhile ago and I wanted to buy the boyfriend an ice cream cake from there for his birthday but that never happened. But since we were on Amager last night, we made a little stop after Field's to have a pre-dinner treat. We got there at 8 in the evening and there was a line up out of the store and onto the side walk on the main road. The line kept moving but kept growing at the same time. Don't let the lines deter you though! They move fast and it is totally worth it.

The shop itself is really cute. We think it is a old bakery turned into an ice cream shop because you can see the old signs from the bakery on the walls still. The staff were dressed in retro vests and had sweet little hats on. I absolutely love the logos, the fonts, and the colors that chose for the store. It's all really cute and vintage feeling.

And then there was the ice cream. There was a pretty long list to choose from. There was everything from espresso honey ice cream to seabuckthorn sorbet to blueberry yogurt ice cream. The boyfriend and I both chose to get two scoops in a cone, and the boyfriend went even further adding whipped cream and jam to the top of his. I had the peanut, chocolate and caramel ice cream as well as the nutella oreo one. Amazing! So creamy, really great and strong flavors (so nutty!) alongside a really tasty waffle cone. The boyfriend chose the seabuckthorn sorbet which was sour like the actual fruit and he topped that off with a scoop of pistachio ice cream. I have had a lot of ice cream in Copenhagen in Vancouver, gelato in Italy, etc. but this place has got the largest servings I've ever had anywhere. These scoops were huge and when I was close to eating half of the waffle cone, I said to the boyfriend that I had reached the point of what the size of a normal cone at other places would be. So what was supposed to be a pre-dinner treat turned into dinner itself. The best kind of dinner if you ask me!

Last week I told the boyfriend that my favorite ice cream place was Frederiksberg Chokolades Isbuttiken but it has quickly been overtaken by Imsageriet! They may be a little out of the way, but it is so worth it!

Kongelundsvej 116
2300 Copenhagen S
(open from 12 to 10 pm)

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