Monday, August 5, 2013

It's Always Sunny in Vancouver

Well, it's not always sunny. Actually it rains a lot. But during our time there (a little over two weeks), we had nothing but sunshine and warm weather! That's pretty rare for Vancouver and it was absolutely wonderful! The two weeks was spent hanging out with my family, eating out everyday, and enjoying all the best things in Vancouver.

We did the Grouse Grind, the boyfriend had his first poutine, and we managed to sneak in a short trip to Seattle. Some days were spent at the beach with friends, others were spent criss-crossing the city with my family, and there was a lot of scheduling dinners and meet ups with family and friends.

Although we thought we would do a lot of shopping, we actually didn't really buy anything. Instead, we tried new things like stand up paddle boarding, watched my youngest sister perform in her improv show, and took a kundalini yoga class.

My parents took us out to a ton of Chinese restaurants for everything from dim sum to peking duck, we had a variety of Japanese food from ramen to hotdogs with teriyaki mayo and seaweed on top of them, and I got myself some doughnuts after being deprived of them over here in Scandinavia for three years.

Vancouver is such a gorgeous city. The view from Jericho beach of the city with the mountains in the background is amazing. When I'm in Copenhagen, I forget how much of the landscape and nature is visible all the time in Vancouver so when I am in the city again, I'm just totally blown away by the beauty of it all. I don't compare Vancouver to Copenhagen and vice versa much, they're both different but they're both great.

It is nice to have two places to call home.

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