Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Let There Be Light

Last weekend I went to the Normann Copenhagen flagship store in Østerbro to pick up a new lamp for our bedroom. I've seen this Norm 06 lamp in a few places and I thought it would look great in our bedroom with our pastel mint wall. Luckily the boyfriend was on board with me on this one!

Although the lamp is not that expensive, it is also not the best quality. At least not the quality I expected from Normann. The lamp looks wonderful when it is all put together, but you have to be incredibly careful when assembling it. I found that some of the plastic started tearing in certain spots and I had to use some washi tape to secure and strengthen it. Luckily, you can't see the spots where I've used tape but if there are larger tears then you may have a problem. I also managed to get a number of little cuts on my hands from assembling the lamp. So I guess the plastic is not very strong but incredibly sharp! 

The lamp did turn out the way I had hoped and it looks like an upside down flower hanging over our bed in our room. I like that it is white so it blends into the ceiling and I love the simple lines that it has. The design and the look of the Norm 06 lamp is perfect. I just wish the quality was a bit better. But I'm loving the way it adds to our room and am hoping it will last for a few years! 

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