Thursday, October 17, 2013

Staying in Picturesque Vernazza

The fiance and I stayed in Vernazza during our time in Cinque Terre. I may be biased because that was our base last weekend, but it is the coziest, charming and the most picturesque town in Cinque Terre. Vernazza may be the smallest town in Cinque Terre and although there were still many tourists walking around during the day, it felt less touristy than the other villages. Vernazza is located right on the water and like all of the other towns, the apartments and buildings are built on the incline of the hills and cliffs in that part of the Italian riviera.

I was so happy to find out that the fiance had booked a place for us to stay in Vernazza after reading that it was the prettiest town in Cinque Terre. The fiance told me he had booked a place on Airbnb so I thought we would be staying in someone's apartment. We have used Airbnb several times so I was expecting to stay in someone's apartment or a place people rented out to tourists. But then we got to Vernazza and we found out that our Airbnb was actually a hotel room (they advertise/list their rooms on Airbnb)! We stayed in a room at Hotel Gianni Franzi and it was wonderful for the price that we paid. Hotel Gianni Franzi is located just off the main square in the village and we stayed on the top floor of one of their three buildings. From our window we had a great view of the other side of Vernazza (see the first photo in this post). 

Hotel Gianna Franzi had some perks. There was free wifi in one of the lounge areas so it was nice to be able to plug in for a few minutes a day. It was actually really nice not having constant access to the internet plus we didn't really have much time to use the web in between our hiking and gelato eating! Best of all was that the hotel offers a breakfast buffet on their rooftop terrace overlooking the riviera. The view from this terrace was so beautiful. I loved listening to the sound of the waves crashing below us while we enjoyed mini croissants, yogurt, and cappuccinos. I wish I could have breakfast there every day! 

Next up, the hikes that we went on in Cinque Terre! 

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