Monday, October 21, 2013

This Week's Flowers + Our Weekend

The fiance came home with some flowers after meeting a friend for coffee yesterday morning. Now we have some pretty purple lilies hanging out in our living room!

It has been a fun and busy weekend spending time with family and friends. We had dinner at my future-in-law's on Friday night and ended with my first ride sitting inside of a cargo bike. On Saturday I walked around the city with some friends who I met on exchange from Germany, we had them over for a very Danish dinner, and then we went to Kødbyen for some drinks and stayed until very early Sunday morning. And yesterday we went to a birthday lunch for the fiance's aunt and uncle and we had a great time there eating wonderful food and hanging out with his cousins.

It's been a full week and things go back to normal this week with Danish classes and whatnot! We are having our housewarming this weekend though so it's still a little bit crazy over here!

How was your weekend?

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