Monday, November 11, 2013

I Couldn't Help Myself

I started decorating for Christmas pretty early last year and it was totally my intention to at least wait until the end of November or after my birthday on December 1st to start pulling out the Christmas decorations.

But then I went to Søstrene Grene last Thursday and we dropped by Magasin on Sunday afternoon and of course the stores are filling up with lots of Christmas goodies now! I bought some miniature Christmas trees at Søstrene Grene and they are now sitting in the window with my scented candle from Rituals. I think they're pretty subtle so they don't scream Christmas...right?!

I have also been keeping my eye out for a nice advent or calendar candle. They sell tons of them at the grocery stores but I like a really simple candle. There are some in red, or some with stars and different patterns on them but I just wanted a simple white one with nice clean numbers. I really like the one they sell at Granit and was going to wait to get one when I go to Lund later on this month but then we saw this candle from Broste Copenhagen at Magasin. I like the handwritten look of the numbers and it is white and simple, exactly what I was looking for.

We are also working on our advent gifts although that is not complete yet. Last year we traded little gifts on the four Sundays leading up to Christmas but this year we are doing all twenty four days. So once we finish that up I'll put up some pictures of how we've wrapped them and how we're displaying them at home.

To add to the wintery feeling we turned on the fireplace this weekend! The warmth that comes from a fireplace is just so lovely. It definitely makes me want to stay in rather than face the cold windy streets of Copenhagen! As long as the winters are here, they can be really cozy!

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