Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Morning at the Zoo

The fiance and I went to Copenhagen Zoo on Saturday morning. The zoo is actually in our neighborhood and sometimes when we walk through Frederiksberg Have we stop to see the elephants as you can see them from the park as well. 

Having passed by the zoo many times from the street, I didn't realize how big it actually was. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed that they actually do have a good range of animals there. We spent a good amount of time there watching the polar bear sleep, watching the zoo keeper feed the penguins, and I absolutely love giraffes so we hung out with them for a pretty long time. 

I haven't been to a zoo since I was in Sydney, Australia in 2008 so it has been awhile! The fiance and I had a lovely time there and it was fun to do something different on the weekend. Have you been to Copenhagen Zoo? What are your thoughts on it? What's the best zoo you've ever been too?

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