Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Advent Calendar

The fiance and I traded gifts on the four Sunday's leading up to Christmas last year but this year we're sharing gifts on the twenty four days leading up to Christmas. The fiance prepared 12 or so things and I prepared the other half. A third of the gifts are edible items, a third are things, and a third of them are activities and all of them are meant to be shared and enjoyed by the both of us.

We've kept the calendar pretty simple again this year. We put all of our gifts into paper bags that we bought at Notre Dame and sealed it with some advent calendar stickers I picked up from Søstrene Grene (although I can't really recommend them as their sticking power is lacking). And now our advent gifts are all sitting on top of our "bar" shelf in the dining room waiting for their turn.

It's so cozy when the fiance and I open a gift each night with our advent candle burning in the background. Do you celebrate advent and how do you celebrate it? I think it is so lovely and it really builds up the anticipation for Christmas.


  1. so thoughtful and fun!! and you make everything look so nice too

    1. Aw thanks judith! It's fun doing little things to celebrate the holidays :) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!