Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our Living Room

We got a Christmas tree today and while our living room was looking nice and tidy, I took a few photos of our place. This is where we spend the most time when we are home and I think it is my favorite room in our apartment. I mean, why else would it be called the living room? I don't really know what my home decor/interior style was before moving to Copenhagen. I was living at home and then when I was living in Sweden, I lived mostly in student apartments or places I had sublet from other people. I've really enjoyed having this blank canvas of an apartment to work with!

I think the living room will continue to change in the next year or two. A lot of the furniture, like the couch, the swivel chairs, and the coffee table are from the fiance's parents and we will eventually replace them. We are couch hunting and we've thought about getting a coffee table from Hay but I think we will just take our time and see what we like and what fits in here. My favorite things in this room are our customized Ikea shelves, the fireplace, our strand of lights, and our framed prints. Its been fun seeing our ideas for this room come to life, and for things to actually work out as well!

So yeah! This our living room with a few Christmas decorations added to it. It's the most decorated room in our place right now but at the same time it isn't so in your face. I think I decorated much more last year at our previous apartment. And this is my first real Christmas tree! We've always had a fake one at home so it was fun going out to buy our tree this morning. I'll write more about where we got it in a day or two. For now, have a great Saturday!


  1. I like the star lamp in your window. It's pretty.

    1. Thanks Marina! Star lamps are so popular in scandinavia during Christmas! Will you be celebrating Christmas in Korea? :)

    2. Yep! I have a tree and stockings. My boyfriend and I are exchanging small gifts in the stockings and then heading over to a friend's house for Christmas dinner. My boyfriend is from India and it's his first time celebrating Christmas, so it's a little more fun for me this year to have someone to share it with and introduce it to.

    3. Oh how fun! I hope you two have a wonderful Christmas! :)

  2. This is my kind of living room! Spacious, minimilastic and with good lighting. This is the sort of place that gets my creativity going. I love your framed posters, by the way.

    Alvin Wilkins @ (Marlton, NJ)