Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wedding Priorities

I feel like we haven't really planned anything for the wedding. We have found a location we really like and we're just negotiating prices now in regards to food and drinks and all of that. We've also introduced ourselves to the pastor of a church we have been going to and asked him about marrying us. So things are moving along, just at a slow pace. Once those two things are booked, especially the dinner/party location, it will all seem more real and then I can start the rest of the planning.

We have a budget for our wedding and there are two things I prioritize and am willing to spend a good amount of money on for it. First is the location. I think the location is really important because (some) guests will be spending almost 12 hours there (did I mention that Danish weddings are r e a l l y long?), it is going to show up in half of our photos, and it really contributes to the atmosphere. And then there is the photographer. After the wedding, the only thing that really lasts from that day besides being married and having a wife/husband, are the photographs. There is one photographer who I really like here in Copenhagen but she will be away during the time of our wedding next summer so we've asked my friend in Vancouver, Josh, to do our wedding photos. I'm really excited about having someone I am familiar with and whose style I like and someone who knows what style I want, to do our photos. Research photographers and know what style you are looking for. (I have read some stories from some really unhappy brides here in Denmark) I also believe that you get what you pay for in terms of photographers. It's an investment.

We also have templates for our wedding invitations, the fiance has ordered a suit, and we'll be having our second cake tasting (from Strangas this time!) tomorrow. I'm trying on some dresses for the first time ever tomorrow as well and I've talked to my hair stylist here about hair and makeup for the wedding. Everything is sort of just waiting on the wedding ceremony and the wedding party. I really hope we'll have the locations and the pastor booked before Christmas so we can send out our save the dates!

What did you prioritize money on at your wedding? I would love to hear about you guys' planning experiences!

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  1. Love these inspiration photos, Karen! I'm sure your wedding is going to be so lovely! And yes, totally agree with the priorities - especially the photography. We spent a huge portion of our tiny budget on that (and food!) and haven't regretted it.

    1. It's so great hearing from you Elaina! One of our friends here was like, "how much could wedding photography be?! 4000 maybe 5000kr?" Haha I wish ;)

    2. Ha ha! When we were first talking about it, Mark was like, "so how much would it be for a day? Like 500 kroner?" Yeah...not exactly! It was a bit of a shock for him, the poor guy.

      Merry Christmas to you two! I'm off to Canada tomorrow, but let's make a date to get together in the new year. :)

    3. Have a wonderful time at home! Merry Christmas to you and Mark as well! And getting together in the New Year sounds like a plan :) See you soon!