Saturday, January 18, 2014

Celebrating Three Years at Three Different Places in Copenhagen

The fiance and I celebrated our third (dating) anniversary last weekend. And to celebrate, we ate and drank at three places that we have not tried yet in Copenhagen.

We started off the day the with lunch at Issa in Vesterbro. I had read wonderful reviews of this tiny little Japanese eatery on Yelp so we just had to try it. Since going gluten free this year, I had to cheat a little that day, I mean, they were serving ramen and gyoza! (But that has been my only cheat!) We also tried their okonomiyaki which was delicious. It is a really simple place serving good and authentic Japanese food. If you're missing authentic Japanese food in Copenhagen, try Issa!

For dinner, the fiance took me out to dinner at Oysters and Grill in Nørrebro. I love seafood so this was like paradise. We ordered the seafood platter to start and there was everything from razor clams to soft shell crab. Amazing. Seriously. I was full after sharing that seafood platter! The fiance ordered a steak and I ordered some wild Argentinian shrimp to finish off our dinner. Everything was so simple and so fresh at Oysters and Grill. I can't wait to go again!

To finish off our day, we walked to Gilt on Rantzausgade in Nørrebro for cocktails after dinner. The fiance and I really liked this place. It felt like a cozy lodge living room with walls of stacked firewood, leather couches, and wood furniture. They have some interesting ingredients on their menu and they pair things in ways I would have never imagined. Cocoa beans, nutmeg, chili and cognac all in one drink?! The fiance really liked this place and I'm sure we will be visiting them again soon!

Have you discovered some new places to eat in Copenhagen? What's good? I'm always up for new recommendations!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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