Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cocktails, Wedding Dresses + Korean Food

The holidays are coming to an end. It has been a really fun weekend full of spending time with the fiance and friends.


On Friday night, the fiance and I went out for some cocktails at Candeur after dinner. On our way there we walked past Tage Andersen's shop/museum. They have the most enchanting window displays. But back to our little date night out...I have been to Candeur a handful of times now and I love the small intimate feel of the bar, they serve delicious cocktails, and they have amazing desserts. Plus they've added some more savory items to their menu now. Of course I went for a cocktail that was sweet and fruity while the fiance went for something really strong and gentlemanly. 

Yesterday was a full day. Full but lots of fun. The fiance's mom and my friend S went wedding dress shopping with me! First we went to the sale at Nicolai Brudekjoler. There were brides and dresses everywhere. I must have tried around 10 dresses in there within one hour! We took a little break at Palæo before heading to my second appointment at Lucca. Out of the three bridal shops I have been to here in Copenhagen, Lucca has been the best in experience and dresses in terms of the style I've been looking for and price. I'll write a post about my wedding dress shopping experience sometime soon! 

And yesterday evening we had the best food. We had a friend from my exchange to Hong Kong and his girlfriend over. Y is Korean and it has been so lovely meeting up with her and getting to try different Korean foods. I make japchae every once in awhile here to get my Korean fix so we enjoyed that last night as well as some amazing rice rolls that Y brought over. I need to learn how to cook more Korean dishes! We ate all the leftovers for lunch today. 

And now it's Sunday. The fiance goes back to work tomorrow and everything goes back to normal. It has been such a wonderful holiday!

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