Friday, January 31, 2014

One Month Down

It has now been one month of gluten free eating (minus my one cheat day - ramen, ah!). Honestly, it has not been so different from before I went gluten free. There is a little more label reading on my part, but I haven't really had to cut anything drastically. I also haven't tried substituting gluten free products for normal products except for having the gluten free pasta from Rema 1000 one night this week.

In general, I think it is easiest and best sticking to recipes that are naturally gluten free. Last week we had nachos. Tortillas are normally gluten free, but we switched things up and had baked some thinly sliced sweet potato in place of the chips. I loved that meal. Our meal was based on this recipe. We've been eating japchae, roasting chickens, making soup, and enjoying some red thai curry at home.

We've also been on a huge skyr panna cotta kick. I've been making a new batch of skyr panna cotta every week this month! I've also been able to enjoy some baked treats. Besides the peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies I shared last week, I've also made some almond meal cookies full of coconut and chocolate chunks. When we had friends over for dinner at the beginning of the month, I served this Swedish kladdkaka for dessert.

I've been testing out Jeanne's All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour mix over the last two weeks and it works but I have some issues with it. I've tried making my favorite chocolate chunk cookies and I just tried her banana bread recipe today. The texture of the flour is great, the only issue I have is that the sweet rice flour flavor really hits you. I love mochi, but I don't want mochi flavor in my cookies! Although the fiance thought the cookies were still good and gobbled them up like my regular cookies. I'll have to test it out on a few more recipes before I really recommend it!

Anyways, that has how my first month of going gluten free has gone! It hasn't been a huge adjustment to my/our diets and I have a few friends who are celiac or gluten free as well so it's nice to be able to share recipes and baking tips!

There are also a few places in Copenhagen where you can go out to eat or get some gluten free goodies. I'll have to share them with you soon! If you have any recommendations as well, please do let me know!

Happy Friday!

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