Saturday, February 15, 2014

DIY Stamped Onesie or Stamped Anything

I hosted a baby shower for my friend S today and I couldn't wait to share this cute DIY. I thought it would be a fun activity to decorate some onesies at the baby shower. It gives guests the opportunity to get creative and the baby will get some new and unique onesies to wear.

I told S that I had made my sample onesie for the baby shower and we hung out the other day and she wanted to see a picture of the one that I had made. So I happily showed her a picture of it! I am the worst at keeping secrets!

I had thought about buying buttons, some lace trims, and some iron on transfers to decorate the baby onesies with, but then I thought that might get too complicated. So instead of running around the city and buying lots of different knick knacks to decorate with, I went for using potato stamps!

Seriously, potato stamps are so fun and so easy to make. I simply cut my little potato in half, and took a regular pen and "drew"a raindrop on it. The pen started carving out the raindrop and to really get the raindrop to stand out and act as a stamp, I took an exacto knife and just cut around my traced raindrop shape so that it would be raised.

To stamp a baby onesie or a shirt, make sure you put some cardboard inside so that the fabric paint from the stamp won't go through the fabric and onto the other side. Put some fabric paint on the stamp with a paintbrush or a foam brush and then stamp! Continue stamping until you're happy with your piece and that's about it! You can use potato stamps on anything from tea towels to paper cards to making a pattern on your wall!

I bought my fabric paint at Panduro and after the paint dried, I needed to iron the painted area inside out for 5 minutes to set the paint. But that step may or may not be necessary, just check with your brand of fabric paint!

Now what can I stamp next?!

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