Friday, February 21, 2014

Galettes at Chez Laurent

The fiance and I enjoy sweet crepes every once in awhile but we rarely have savory ones. And by rarely I mean like never. I almost always prefer sweet to savory but who knew galettes (a savory crepe) could be so delicious? I've actually visited and eaten at Chez Laurent before with my friend S but the fiance has never been so we went out for lunch there on Sunday.

Chez Laurent offers both galettes and crepes. Their galettes are both gluten and lactose free and there are a variety of savory fillings and toppings that you can choose from. On Sunday I enjoyed a Complete galette which was filled with an egg, some ham and some emmenthal cheese. The fiance ordered the galette with French ham which cam with some rocket, sun dried tomatoes and some onion confit.

Their sweet crepes are made with organic flour so I haven't been able to try those but we did ask, and you can definitely get a sweet filling in the galette! You know what I'm going to try next time don't you? Definitely getting a galette with a sweet filling! Chestnut cream? Classic Nutella and banana? Salted caramel maybe?

Chez Laurent is a charming little place in Frederiksberg. Go for just a cappuccino or have brunch there! Crepes are always a good idea. Always.

Chez Laurent
Rolighedsvej 15
1958 Frederiksberg C

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