Friday, February 7, 2014

Raw & Rustic

The fiance and I went out for lunch a few weeks ago at Raw & Rustic on Gammel Kongevej in Frederiksberg. I had heard that they served some gluten free treats and I knew that they served a lot of raw foods as well so we decided to try it out one Sunday afternoon.

The fiance got a falafel sandwich while I ordered a small salad. For someone who is not a salad person, I really enjoyed the two types of salad I got. I tried a cauliflower and dill salad as well as a kale and green lentil salad. (There were more ingredients in them but I can't remember them all now!) It was nice to get some inspiration for how I could make some more exciting salads at home.

And for the first time ever I tried a chai latte with almond milk! I don't have a dairy allergy but it was fun to try a different kind of milk. They have a handful of milk alternatives that you can try. I was there again the other week for coffee with Elaina from Fint og Dejlig and I tried a hot chocolate with hazelnut milk.

Normally they carry some gluten free baked goods like cinnamon buns and breads but they've always been sold out when I've gone. I will have to visit them again and hopefully snag a bun or a baked treat! They do also offer a lot of different raw cakes and if I'm ever brave enough, I'll give them a try!

If you are gluten free, dairy free or on a raw diet, Raw & Rustic is a great place to go! Even if you don't have food allergies or on a particular diet, they are a great place to visit for a quick and healthy lunch. Plus how awesome is their plant wall? 

Raw & Rustic
Gammel Kongevej 113
1850 Frederiksberg


  1. So glad you introduced to me this place! I could definitely go for an almond milk chai and a gluten free baked treat right now!

    1. yay! glad you liked it. and we should totally do a baking day! that'd be so fun :)