Monday, February 24, 2014

Watching Hockey in Danish

With moving to Copenhagen, learning Danish and being surrounded by Danish people and culture, sometimes I feel like I am losing a part of my Canadian identity or my old self at least. With the Winter Olympics on the last two weeks, I've felt a real sense of pride for my home country while watching Canadian athletes compete and win medals in different events. Even though I am thousands of kilometers away from Canada, I got a little teary eyed seeing the athletes in their Team Canada outfits and watching them accept their medals and see the flag raised and all. 

It has also been fun watching the fiance get into hockey. I watched a lot of Vancouver Canucks games while I lived at home but having been abroad for almost 4 years now, I haven't watched or kept up to date with the Canucks. But with the Olympics, we've tried to catch all the Canadian hockey games that aired on Danish television. The fiance had been to a Vancouver Giants game while he did his exchange there but besides that he hasn't had much exposure to hockey. For someone who has not grown up watching hockey, the fiance gets really into it. This weekend he watched parts of the game standing up literally right in front of the TV. It was really funny watching him get frustrated at the Canadian men's team in their game against Latvia. Every once in awhile he will also YouTube clips of Canucks games because he says he needs to learn about hockey so that he will know what is going on when we move home one day. Although we're not sure where we will spend Christmas yet this year, he says that if we go to Vancouver, we'll have to go to a Canucks game.

It means a lot to me that the fiance is also getting into a part of my culture and what I've been brought up with. Even if it is something as small as hockey. 

How is it for those of you who are dating, engaged to, or married to someone from a different country and culture? Do you find ways to blend both cultures and backgrounds and how? 

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